Plagiarism FAQ

What is Plagiarism?

In helping students avoid Plagiarism Mantex presents the following definitions of plagiarism:

1. Plagiarism is defined as “Passing off someone else’s work as your own”.

2. It happens if you copy somebody else’s work instead of doing your own.

3. It also happens in those cases where people actually buy essays instead of doing the work themselves.

4. Schools, colleges, and universities regard this as a serious offense – and they often have stiff penalties for anyone found guilty.

5. Most people at school level call this ‘cheating’ or ‘copying’ – and they know it is wrong.

6. The problem is that at college or university, you are expected to use and write about other people’s work – so the issue of plagiarism becomes more complex.

7. There are also different types and different degrees of plagiarism – and it is often difficult to know whether you are breaking the rules or not.

8. Let’s start off by making it clear that all the following can be counted as plagiarism.

For more details see Mantex – “”

So, why are you publishing free essays ?

Essays Box does make essays and articles available to students, but we do not encourage plagiarism. The essays on this site are great source to get ideas, quotes, bibliographies or a viewpoint when writing your OWN essay.

So, what do I do if I want to use a fragment or idea from an essay on this site?

Make the reference. If you are requested to cite sources, your professor will probably have told you the correct format. You may need to consult your school/university’s guide for more information. However, folks at Wiki How made a really nice guide of .

What do you think? will I get caught if I plagiarize?

Well, everything depends on your professor, and how well he/she knows your writing style and ability. Additionally, there are also services like and that allow professors to check the sources of the paper (you wouldn’t believe how accurate those services can be).


The fact is, we don’t condone plagiarism, so we don’t. Please don’t do it, students who plagiarize from this or any other site will most likely be caught.

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